My Hair Woes

A woman’s hair is a big deal in most communities and cultures. Women love their hair looking fresh all the time: they don’t want anyone to touch it, even in the heat of passion lmao, and they put a lot of effort in it’s up keep.

To illustrate exactly how serious some women are about their hair I’ve known some that will not swim or break a sweat all because they don’t want their hair out of place. I understand some of these hairstyles cost a lot of money but they shouldn’t get in the way of living life.

I on the other hand clearly missed that “importance of a woman’s hair” memo because I’m happy and complacent in my simple looking hairstyle of choice. Before I started working out as much as I now do, I had a perm and used to get my hair done every 2 weeks. It would hold and look great until the next salon visit because there was no profuse sweating involved and all that was required was for me to wrap it at night.

Once I started working out, it was impossible to deal with wet hair in the morning, given my limited hair skills. At first, after a workout, I would try to blow dry and style my hair but it would take over a hour not to mention the numerous forehead burns. Styling became the next best thing because they looked decent and I didn’t have to worry about doing much after a workout.

It’s now 2017 and I’m tired of simple styling and I’m wondering what’s next? I want to reinvent myself hair wise and need a hair makeover. So many things to consider all because whatever I pick needs to work well with working out and shouldn’t involve much of an effort expect for the visit to the hair dresser. Going bald sounds extremely appealing right now, but I shall keep that as a last resort.


First A Few Things About Me

These are a few facts about me. Some may be odd, but everything has their list of things that make them unique.

1. I like comedy because I like to laugh. It could be films, shows or just random online videos, once its good comedy I’ll enjoy it.

2. I at times feel anxious about things I should not, but I am slowly getting over it.

3. I think about things a lot, even things that I should not be thinking about.

4. I often get sad and I can be very moody.

5. I love kids.

6. I’m very shy.